The can opener that can….The OXO Good Grips smooth edge can opener. Friend Sherri recommended a can opener that doesn’t leave a jagged edge behind. Made sense. I had been tempting finger fate with the old one. The OXO cuts from the SIDE of the can NOT around the top. You can put the lid back on the can and store the can in the fridge without having to put the contents in a covered dish. This is huge for me. 
I love the name OXO. It isn’t what you think, durnit. But it’s still a good tale and the website is quirky. 

I like Popsicles in orange. Or red. Trouble is, they come 6 to a box: two orange, two red, two yellow. The yellow ones stack up in the freezer. Molly, the world’s fussiest former starveling won’t eat them, of course. Nor will the formerly-starving cats. I’m always looking for someone to lay them on. Visitors to the Holler today had two children among them. I graciously offered them banana Popsicles. They accepted. Sweet. Doesn’t happen often enough, so around October I pile banana Popsicles in the kitchen sink and let them melt down the drain. It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

We use miles of water hose around the Holler. We have a spigot toward the front of the house. We have a spigot in the well house. We have maybe 2.5 acres of flora that need watering occasionally, to watering every other day. Kinking hoses are the bane of my summer gardening life. I’ve gotten rather clever at shaking the hose out way up the line but that doesn’t always work. I have to throw down the hose and stalk back to the kink, unkink, stalk back. It drives me to profanity. I broke down and bought a really good no-kink hose. The first time I mowed, I ran over it. 


3 responses to “MY CAN OPENER PICK”

  1. Dang – I love those banana pops! Can’t bide the cherry since that was all they had in the hospital the week I had my tonsils out (I was sixteen mind you)

  2. Anonymous says:

    From Peter:

    I’m a lot more sympathetic to your water line kinkless hose than the erotic shaped can opener for some reason. Maybe because we just discovered that the sprinkler system the former owners put down and which we have been tearing up all over the place has two strategically placed runs adjacent to the veggie garden that will be toast if not watered while we are in Ireland next month.

    As for Popsicles. They were always a cheap substitute that were offered by those who wouldn’t spring for the real ice cream pop you really wanted. Do you know what Creamsicles are? Another tease to eat in order to get to (ahem) the meat inside.

  3. Anonymous says:

    From WFH:

    Agreed on low choice of yellow popsicle with banana flavor !

    Now, I use a garden hose that has a life time guarantee. Yes, that is correct. And it’s called Flexogen. It’s light green (so it can be seen for avoidance of running over), and it is pliable year around, and made in the USA. But best of all if it fails, ruptures, breaks, or splits, one just cuts off the ends and send them in to Gilmore Hose Co., and the hose is replaced and not even any shipping charges. And I’ve done that to a senior piece that I must have had for a decade.

    If I had any quarrel with this garden hose is that it can kink, but it’s so limber that a flip of the wrist can unkink it. It’s available at most hardware stores like Ace Hardware, and haven’t looked, but I’m sure it must be in the box stores too.

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