28 02, 2010


I’m prone to jumping whole hog into things. That makes me sound imprudent, but I’m not. This propensity has usually paid off. I fell in love at first sight almost 30 years ago. I’m older. Wiser. Still in love.Black cherry tea box is a sedum treasure chestGourds. Bottle caps. Concrete. Gardening: All personal obsessions. When you’re driven, you figure out how to make your particular manias work. It takes time and pondering, and attempts that fail but don’t kill the ardor.I am dang lucky to have enablers. My penchant for things gardening is stoked by several darling folks, [...]

20 02, 2010

I CAN’T FIND MY *&%[email protected] READING GLASSES

Work GlassesWhat reading glasses paranoia does to youOn my deskWaiting for concreteIn the vanTucked in my brush jarIn concrete I can't find my reading glasses! In my head, expletives are not deleted. I can go from rosy to blue real quick when I can't find my dang glasses. Which is a couple of times daily, if I'm lucky. I've used the neck leash thing and had these adventures: I strangled myself many times. Several times I actually stepped on it while wearing it. I got it caught in the car door. I almost set it on fire. I [...]

19 02, 2010


Upcycled bottle cap/pull tab pinsZelma made me a Rice Krispies treats peace sign. Is it not adorable? I can't bring myself to eat it. I've pulled a few bits off to nibble and then re-shaped it, but I can't devour it. Those of you who know me, know what a compliment this inability is. I have a notorious sweet tooth and can resist everything but temptation. I think science has proven Rice Krispies treats can withstand nuclear winter. Unless I fall prey to an industrial strength munchy attack, I should have it a long time.Upcycled pull tabs and [...]

7 02, 2010


Favorite color? Orange.I had to fold my laundry.This after I had to do all the stuff you have to do to get dirty clothes to the post-washing folding stage. And when I say "folding" I mean untangling the heap and shaking out individual pieces and folding them-barely-sufficiently so they'll stay upright in the floor stack that is my clean work clothes stash. It occurred to me that were I dealing strictly with visual input, I couldn't tell my dirty work clothes from my clean work clothes. Sniffing them is a dead giveaway. In winter my dirty work clothes [...]

2 02, 2010

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: The Holler Takes a Stand

We leave Christmas lights up year 'round at Hungry Holler. We don't even use the adjective CHRISTMAS when referring to The Lights. They're so dang pretty. Why should they be enjoyed only a few short weeks every year? And let me tell you, it's not a lazy attitude. Keeping strings of lights going night in and night out is not easy.I have miles of extension cords to contend with. When a string goes out, I have to trace the offending component, untangle it, remove it, replace it. I'm gradually exchanging traditional lights for LEDS. I'm investigating solar. I [...]