I’ve spent much of the last three years not in OK but in the other start-with-a-vowel state, AZ. Hungry Holler survived my absence. Vines in particular took advantage of lax pruning and chopping and tried to cover my shop. They dang near inundated the well house. There are no annuals. Not even rogues. I haven’t thrown seed out in several years. Hens and chicks planters need rehabilitation. The peace sign shorted dark. Getting the peace sign green and glowing was among my first priorities (I can’t imagine having just one priority). It took several emails, a phone call and a couple of youtube videos, but we got it. I sleep much better knowing it shines greenly through the night.

Hungry Holler Peace Sign

9′ Green lighted peace sign on Hwy 20, northeast Oklahoma

I worked a major clean up on on the cottage gallery and my shop. I hauled most stuff out of each building, cleaned, and threw a bunch of stuff away. I was without ruth. It’s liberating being free of   weird space-eating stuff. I never met a gourd I didn’t like, but I’m hypercritical of gourds I use in my art. The most fabulous gourds I hauled back into my now-cleaned shop. Gourds with great personalities but who don’t have a prayer of receiving a rose, went to the cottage porch. I know where they are if I need one.

Gourds on the Grass Hungry Holler Porchful of Gourds Gourd Shop Cleaned

Been getting mirror streams overhauled and moved around. The World’s Largest Mirror Sun Catcher in Eucha, Oklahoma got beat to pieces because even at the Holler you can’t ignore the laws of physics. You cannot hang stuff that moves in the wind too close to tree trunks. I’m going to re-work it. It will rise again, abridged but fabulous.

Hungry Holler Giant Mirror Sun Catcher

Re-Work Giant Sun Catcher

I found a really neat beetle. I’ve seen walking sticks, and a praying mantis that looked alien regal on the window frame.

Yellow and Black Beetle

I’m working on gourd luminarias, including a wartie kettle. I luv how they pierce the dark and light up walls and ceilings.

Eco Friendly Night Light

Nightlight African Wartie

If I sleep five hours a night, it’s a miracle. It’s good to be home. We’re here most every day. Email us to be sure. A Hungry Holler Art Refuge fix is good for what ails you. Sure works for me.