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3 12, 2010


Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen on Don't Ask Don't Tell: I would not recommend repeal of this law if I did not believe in my soul that it was the right thing to do for our military, for our nation and for our collective honor."

1 12, 2010

TWEAKED BY THE WRITTEN WORD…But not in a deep way

I’ve been on the road–the same dang road–frequently, this year. It’s a pretty drive through the northeast Oklahoma countryside, thought-provoking and admiration-inducing, too. Some stuff I see on that drive:THE......what? There are two pillars about 10 feet apart. Nothing between them. Nothing hooked to them. No fence. No gate. Both painted white a long time ago. The one on the left: blank. The one on the right: someone, with a pretty steady hand, painted THE in pretty blue script. THE what? I’ve knocked on the door of the house behind the pillars and have never found anyone home. [...]

14 11, 2010

PAPERWORK – Beancounting and Bohemian

I’ve been gone, not just in the metaphysical sense. In this dimension, I’ve been forthing and backing between Arizona and Hungry Holler. When I’m in AZ, I’m divided three ways. I try to spread the wonder that is I, among my Dad, Ma and Seester Juls. There were times in recent months, where I’d wake up and wonder for a sec, just where the hell am I?I’ve been counting beans and excavating the paper mountain that is my desk. But I gotta indulge the other side of my brain, equally. One of the more arcane laws of physics: [...]

4 10, 2010


This is Hoover. He and Molly-The-World’s-Fussiest-Former-Starveling came running down the sidewalk at Hungry Holler several nights ago. Molly’s a solo dog act. Not half a duet.  Hoover was looking pretty concave because he was starved. He looked a little frantic because he was starved and because he had undoubtedly been run off repeatedly as he made his way to the Holler. He's about four months old and the world hasn't been kind to him.Hungry Holler is called HUNGRY Holler because everybody here loves supper. We officially feed Molly, three cats and a parrot. All formerly neglected and/or homeless. Unofficially [...]

25 09, 2010


This is my friend Lost City Denise. She's a knitting knut, a yarn spinner–literally and figuratively, lover of lavender. And Chris. And books. And music. She's a snappy dresser, obviously. I've seen her wrapped in a towel, wearing Wellies, coming up from the creek, looking like Aphrodite rising. She asked me what I thought about this angora hat. I thought immediately of pond scum, because just that day, I installed track lights over my kitchen sink.  I'm industrially adverse to electrocution so I turned off the power to everything at the Holler, not just the kitchen. Which stopped the [...]

22 09, 2010


Has been since she was the cutest cheerleader in Hadley, PA. She scored his bedroom slipper chair at a Scottsdale auction recently. There were several treasures that had once belonged to Charles Boyer, at the auction.  But the chair is what she wanted. I happen to know the bidding for the chair was fierce between two women: me on the telephone, and a woman on-site at the auction. I opened the bidding at $100. One thousand-plus dollar$ and a couple of hours later, Charles Boyer's chair was in a bedroom: Ma's. And she was sitting in it.So–of course–was Bear. I happen to know [...]

10 09, 2010


I'm sick of summer. I'm tired of hauling water hoses around. I have a three digit water bill. One of the digits is a 3. That's all I'm gonna say about THAT. Here're some reasons for the stout bill:This is my friend/garden mentor, Russell Studebaker. He looks harmless. So does poison ivy. Don't rub neither of them the wrong way in the garden. That stick is more sheleighly than cane. He's generous with plants and keeps track of them. And asks about them. Regularly.*This is American Beauty Berry. Russell gave me two starts of it and it has flourished. I [...]

30 08, 2010


Check it out. Tulsa's own Kelly Morrison keepin' things harmonious with one of my bottle cap pins. Normally the pins are ornamental, my tres chic jewelry line. But Ms. K found herself one screw short on her glasses. Been there. In a crescendo of clever, she proves she's not only a poet/singer/song writer, she's an emergency engineer. I love her CD, pardon the interruption...Naw. It's really called, Sorry to Intrude, but for the life of me, I can't remember that. It's weird how your mind jerks you around. She wrote the signature song, Legacy, for the flick, The [...]

24 07, 2010


I love stuff that weighs nothin': gourds. I love stuff that weighs gobs: concrete. I've been in concrete mode lately. I've mowed around the damn iron bed spring for years. It has grown progressively more entangled in weeds because I've grown progressively less inclined to move the sucker, mow, move it back. I'm anal about my landscaping and the situation reached critical mass: I had to do something with the bed or toss it. As if that would happen.No shock to those who know me, I've been collecting Mexican beer bottles for years. The kind with screened labels [...]

17 07, 2010


Pile of Japanese beetles emptied from a Spectracide Bag-A-Bug trap.  I've emptied the bag four times in the last two weeks or so, with equal results. The sex lure is still going strong as evidenced by the beetles swooning around the trap. As I was removing the bag from the yellow vanes, two beetles smacked into the vanes and dropped into the bag. I cheered.If you look closely, you can see the dark line on the bag. The bag is full of Japanese beetles to that line. I empty the bag at this point or a little above. [...]

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