Check it out. Tulsa’s own Kelly Morrison keepin’ things harmonious with one of my bottle cap pins. Normally the pins are ornamental, my tres chic jewelry line. But Ms. K found herself one screw short on her glasses. Been there. In a crescendo of clever, she proves she’s not only a poet/singer/song writer, she’s an emergency engineer.

I love her CD, pardon the interruption…Naw. It’s really called, Sorry to Intrude, but for the life of me, I can’t remember that. It’s weird how your mind jerks you around.

She wrote the signature song, Legacy, for the flick, The Ultimate Gift

Sister Juls and I rock her stuff LOUD. Helped us get our game face on pre/post some heavy stuff recently. 

This one says, DRUM IT. Son Judd inspired it. But the pins can say just about anything in three words or less, sometimes profanely. Symbols are featured too. Two elements of upcycling create each pin: a bottle cap and a pull tab. And one of the world’s finest, most perfect inventions: the safety pin.

Five bucks each at Tiffany’s, New York City*; Neiman Marcus, Dallas*; Miss Jackson’s, Tulsa*

*Small print disclaimer for a Big fat lie…you can get them exclusively through Hungry Holler. Email me: [email protected]