6 03, 2010


Could not figger what MamaCat was doing under the pecan tree in front of my shop. Her body language was a little off, which is saying something because everything about the little formerly feral cat is off. I walked toward her. She turned and hissed and being very astute, I realized it was a possum. Out in the daylight. Molly took umbrage but not so much that she'd have to go paw a paw with it. We spent a few moments deep in possum/dog drama and then it was over, much to everyone's relief. Who has the energy [...]

21 01, 2010


It's a sad state of affairs when a gimpy possum is cuter'n you are....Tippy's tail in my pocketOK, by popular demand (my baby Seester) here's more about Tippy the Gimpy Possum. She loves to be held. So does Baby but with Tippy it's also more necessary. When she eats (and boy does she eat) her "hands" wave constantly. You can kinda see that in the photo. Her tail works fine. When I was holding her, her tail snaked into my pocket and it wasn't easy to get it out and I have no idea what it was holding [...]

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