14 08, 2014

Sanctuary Mania at Hungry Holler

I've spent much of the last three years not in OK but in the other start-with-a-vowel state, AZ. Hungry Holler survived my absence. Vines in particular took advantage of lax pruning and chopping and tried to cover my shop. They dang near inundated the well house. There are no annuals. Not even rogues. I haven't thrown seed out in several years. Hens and chicks planters need rehabilitation. The peace sign shorted dark. Getting the peace sign green and glowing was among my first priorities (I can't imagine having just one priority). It took several emails, a phone call [...]

27 07, 2013

It’s ALIVE! Giant Mirror Suncatcher

I started this giant suncatcher in the fall of 2012. I had some delays and finally finished it in late July 2013. The Facts: 15-1/2 feet long 100 pounds 1 bazillion individual pieces of mirror and glass Flashes like paparazzi  It can be seen from Highway 20 between Langley and Jay, OK. Or see it move on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybq-70mvhR4&feature=youtu.be

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