22 03, 2011


Lost City Denise came for coneys and brought Mexican cerveza Modelo (boring caps, tasty brew) and the finest potato chips on the planet: Lay's. DeLAYciousIf the day wasn't special enough with Denise in the house, the 1956 Chris Craft was delivered and docked at its permanent berth: the Hungry Holler Art Refuge pasture. Check out the Boneyard Boats link. We're not alone in this madness. Stay tuned.

25 09, 2010


This is my friend Lost City Denise. She's a knitting knut, a yarn spinner–literally and figuratively, lover of lavender. And Chris. And books. And music. She's a snappy dresser, obviously. I've seen her wrapped in a towel, wearing Wellies, coming up from the creek, looking like Aphrodite rising. She asked me what I thought about this angora hat. I thought immediately of pond scum, because just that day, I installed track lights over my kitchen sink.  I'm industrially adverse to electrocution so I turned off the power to everything at the Holler, not just the kitchen. Which stopped the [...]

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