11 04, 2014

Super Temporary Mirror Art Tattoo

Ma helps me sort glass when I'm mosaicing my mirror artwork suncatchers. We sit across from each other for hours. When I come up for air, sometimes I see her focused like a laser on a pattern of her own. No adhesive.  She likes fleeting sparkle. She can start over and over. Other times I look up and she's gone, leaving only her shell, still and quiet. Eyes closed. Ma has hiked off into DementiaLand. I love the times I look up and see her covered in rainbow reflections from the glass on the table. She's not aware. No [...]

21 01, 2010


Poor people in poor times (Depression era) in a poor state (Oklahoma) built the place now known as Hungry Holler Art Center. They used native stone and lots of concrete to build the house, the detached garage and the two outbuildings. Outbuilding #1 is the Woodshop. Outbuilding #2 is my studio. I love the Holler, in particular the EXTERIOR Holler. The interior of the house is a whole nuther story.The original stone house was tiny. Over the years it has been added onto and all done with stone, which is so neat. Not only that, but the stewards [...]

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