14 08, 2014

Sanctuary Mania at Hungry Holler

I've spent much of the last three years not in OK but in the other start-with-a-vowel state, AZ. Hungry Holler survived my absence. Vines in particular took advantage of lax pruning and chopping and tried to cover my shop. They dang near inundated the well house. There are no annuals. Not even rogues. I haven't thrown seed out in several years. Hens and chicks planters need rehabilitation. The peace sign shorted dark. Getting the peace sign green and glowing was among my first priorities (I can't imagine having just one priority). It took several emails, a phone call [...]

19 02, 2010


Upcycled bottle cap/pull tab pinsZelma made me a Rice Krispies treats peace sign. Is it not adorable? I can't bring myself to eat it. I've pulled a few bits off to nibble and then re-shaped it, but I can't devour it. Those of you who know me, know what a compliment this inability is. I have a notorious sweet tooth and can resist everything but temptation. I think science has proven Rice Krispies treats can withstand nuclear winter. Unless I fall prey to an industrial strength munchy attack, I should have it a long time.Upcycled pull tabs and [...]

29 01, 2010


I'm bummed the Peace Sign is broken.We've had it out front among the bicycles for years. It's survived strong winds, snow, ice incasement, blistering hot sun. When you consider the entire symbol is based upon two hoola hoops, its longevity is pretty astounding. Every night it glows peacefully. When I'm coming home late, I get a little boost when I see it down the highway, hanging from the big elm tree, reflectors from scores of surrounding bicycles glint like animal eyes in the dark. When Judd was in Afghanistan it helped us keep the faith. Most folks feel [...]

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