6 03, 2010


Punkin has pretty yellow eyesGoofy is from the Humane Society. They made him a wonderful catMamaCat, still freaky and semi wildAnother male neutered. That's a good thing. But WHY does it have to be on my watch/dime? We have enough critters to take care of: a parrot (Abby aka Toots); Molly (the world's fussiest former starveling); the cat duo: MamaCat, Goofy. Then there are the wild things. Peripherally-cared for critters are why we call it Hungry Holler. Every creature who enters our wrinkle in the Universe is hungry. We feed the birds. This isn't totally or even primarily [...]

26 01, 2010


Late last night I came home. Practically ran to my open shop to check. And he was STILL THERE. I was heartsick and ticked off. Left everything (windows, door) wide open and went to bed.But this morning when I went out to check: GONE! Seriously. I know I've said that before, but I had the flashlight. I checked all the familiar haunts and I didn't see him. I'm 100 percent sure he's gone. I think. Maybe. Probably.

26 01, 2010


I have been in and out of my shop. The coon, alas, has only been IN. At one point, I was fooled again...what does that say about ME? I thought he was gone. He wasn't. He was curled up in one of my tubs of bottle caps. Yes. I have multiple tubs of bottle caps, sorted as to color. What of it?The tub was next to the open window. I slowly pulled the tub forward, even with the window, and gently poked the creature with a yardstick. Instead of exiting stage right, he flowed over the back of [...]

25 01, 2010


A raccoon got locked in my shop last night. It ain't pretty. At first I thought it was gone, then I saw it huddled in the corner next to the front windows: bright eyed, looked young. Like a teenager, not a baby. I was whelmed over and came in the house for fortifying coffee and to give the poor creature some space to escape, and to put my haz-mat suit on.I went back to my shop a few minutes ago. Looked around. It was gone, thank goodness. I put on my Honest Abe latex gloves (they're really called [...]

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