12 01, 2011


We have four cats. We don't want four cats. We could deal with two: MamaCat because she came with the Holler when we bought the property years ago. We figger she must be at least 20 years old. I hooked her up with a heating pad this winter. She never stirs from it. Since she has the old heating pad, I got myself a new one. We old queens have cold bones. She's grandfathered in.Cat and Mouse. This is Goofy. We purposefully adopted him from the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake. He's special and is the [...]

10 09, 2010


I'm sick of summer. I'm tired of hauling water hoses around. I have a three digit water bill. One of the digits is a 3. That's all I'm gonna say about THAT. Here're some reasons for the stout bill:This is my friend/garden mentor, Russell Studebaker. He looks harmless. So does poison ivy. Don't rub neither of them the wrong way in the garden. That stick is more sheleighly than cane. He's generous with plants and keeps track of them. And asks about them. Regularly.*This is American Beauty Berry. Russell gave me two starts of it and it has flourished. I [...]

19 03, 2010


Russell Studebaker and Miss Fluffy his alpha Silkie hen. Miss F is wearing Sammy Wholon and her nails are painted to match.Stu takes his ease with Arthur Mohr. Note his red nails (Stu's).Blink: original gourd wall art by Jan Meng. Chicken of many colors. Original gourd wall art by Jan Meng.A 2-piece gourd by Jan Meng.Chicks of all species love Russell. The Poultry Pasha was keeping an urban flock before it became a gentrified practice. He is paid cash money for crowing to audiences about the joy of chicken husbandry, and it ain't chicken feed. He loves his [...]

28 02, 2010


I’m prone to jumping whole hog into things. That makes me sound imprudent, but I’m not. This propensity has usually paid off. I fell in love at first sight almost 30 years ago. I’m older. Wiser. Still in love.Black cherry tea box is a sedum treasure chestGourds. Bottle caps. Concrete. Gardening: All personal obsessions. When you’re driven, you figure out how to make your particular manias work. It takes time and pondering, and attempts that fail but don’t kill the ardor.I am dang lucky to have enablers. My penchant for things gardening is stoked by several darling folks, [...]

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