29 09, 2014

Reflections…the Groovy Kind – Hungry Holler Mirror Mosaic Sun Catchers

Rainbow Reflection on Pillar from Pride Triangle. Light + movement = maximum sparkle and flash. It's sweet realizing  your  grubby t-shirt is covered in rainbows and color because you're in the right place at the right time. You'll get the hang of hanging your mirror sun catchers in your favorite spot, ensuring you'll be walking, sitting, standing in sunshine sparkle and glowing colors pretty regularly. Hungry Holler suncatchers keep you in touch with the sun's journey across the sky and outta touch with consternation-evoking crap. At least for awhile. Click to check out our dazzling sun catchers.   [...]

19 06, 2014

Depression Baby: Cig shine

Ma was born in 1931, making her a Depression Baby. A Depression Baby uses the same paper napkin for multiple meals. Depression Baby re-use and use and use  mania can last years. Ma's default shoes are plastic, 20 years old, spookily wearable considering how they look. Ma took up smoking fulltime about two years ago. She smokes with convert gusto. We're bummed because her singled-minded passion used to be embroidery. We have cats-wearing-aprons kitchen towels, and floral pillow cases. In our opinion, second place goes to second-hand smoke, but what the hell. Of course it's bad for lots [...]

11 04, 2014

Super Temporary Mirror Art Tattoo

Ma helps me sort glass when I'm mosaicing my mirror artwork suncatchers. We sit across from each other for hours. When I come up for air, sometimes I see her focused like a laser on a pattern of her own. No adhesive.  She likes fleeting sparkle. She can start over and over. Other times I look up and she's gone, leaving only her shell, still and quiet. Eyes closed. Ma has hiked off into DementiaLand. I love the times I look up and see her covered in rainbow reflections from the glass on the table. She's not aware. No [...]

27 07, 2013

Clowder Of Cats Memorial Gourd Urn

I just finished one of the most endearing and challenging commissions of my career.           The patron wanted a gourd of sufficient size to contain the cremains and mementos of 12 cats. I painted the images of those cats on the outside of the gourd, plus the images of four other cats, PLUS one bunny! These beloved animals were all rescued.  She also wanted reference to the Rainbow Bridge. I added inlaid bits of mirror at the name of each cat and the bunny. When ambient light strikes just so, the mirror twinkles. The [...]

26 08, 2012

Mirror Mania: a reflection of madness

I'm a woman of excess. I've gone off the deep and sparkly end for mirrors. I have mirror waterfalls everywhere, flashing light and rainbows.Watch the mirror waterfall move: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIT0DNawoggPile of tile

26 08, 2012

Mirror Mania. A reflection of madness

I am a woman of excess. I've gone off the deep and sparkly end and can't get enough mirrors. I have strands of them hanging everywhere at the Holler. Waterfalls of flashing light and rainbows.

31 10, 2011


Arlene and Vern Spain stopped by the Holler. Vern is a wizard with a camera. In three photos, he caught Arlene and Molly and me just as Molly put her nose in my mouth. He 

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