This is Robyn Sanzalone in her father’s size 12s. 

She grew up to be a lawyer–don’t hold it against her–and random free range wedding caterer. She’s not too big for her boots. She’s a nice chick. She’s also a Gillie, a member of the volunteer organization of Tulsa’s Gilcrease Museum.

Robyn brought a gaggle of Gillies (L2R: Carmen, Nancy, Susan, itinerant sage, Uschi) to the Holler recently. We had a swell time. The Gillies are accomplished women, curious wanderers, culinarily daring–imbibing cherry sugar-free Kool-Aid and not just because it’s pretty. I saw them everywhere. I love that. 

Uschi’s husband travels widely in Asia. We took lots of photos of this beautiful Asia-themed gourd Trader John found for me on one of his buy/sell treasure hunts.

It’s covered with carved writing. I’ve had the gourd for years and still don’t know what the heck it says. Uschi’s husband may be able to unlock the exotic secret. I hope it doesn’t say, “Eat At Joes.” Or worse. Actually. Worse could be fun.