The ZSM swears he’s running into stuff more than usual because his noggin is now billiard bald. His theory is hair acts as whiskers.

He’s feelin’ feliney because he has a new shop cat. He’s been wanting one for ages. He entertained the idea of the black feral cat who lived on my shop roof becoming his shop cat. As if, right Sue? He worked hard for that cat. Added antibiotics to its Vienny weenies. Made sure it got soft food because he suspected the cat had bad teeth or jaw problems…the cat started looking less straggly. Then the cat quit showing up and a bad smell wafted from the wooded area he frequented. RIP.

Grand Again Consignment Boutique in Langely saves sheets, towels, blankies, rugs, they won’t put on the sales floor and I take the treasure to the Humane Society in Grove. The folks that run that place are angels. They let the critters roam the office and rooms. Signs on the doors request care when entering and exiting. I love that. Anyway the HS had 80 cats! Can you believe THAT? How do you choose one? This is how I did:

I was standing in the cat room, whelmed over, and a cat came across the room, jumped up on a table, put his paws on my shoulders, looked me straight in the face and meowed. Guess who I took home?

Ziggy (the ZSM is going to change the name) was born to Frida right there at the HS April 2008. He’s never been outside, we figger, and never had privacy. He’s getting all he wants of both. He’s so social and loves our dog Molly, which is disconcerting to her. Her close encounters of the cat kind are often loud and painful thanks to our irritable MamaCat.

Nekkid Ladies are all over the Holler. I forget where I plant them until they show up so unexpectedly. The black eye Susies are on the decline mostly, and the hollyhocks too. Though a few blooms of each show up in the gardens. There are two giant sunflowers in the pasture bed. We debated covering the heads with netting to thwart the gold finches..we have all sorts of grand intentions during ride about. Oh, the parties we’re gonna throw. The stuff we’re gonna haul. I used to ride in a wagon but lately the ZSM has rigged the work sled with a backrest and pillows…I feel positively Cleopatra-like on my barge. It’s a far smoother ride. He used to make didos on the highway when we went to fetch the mail but we’re sanding the runners thin so we’re gonna have to stop that. It’s probably best. I think that activity could be used against us in any mental health proceedings.

Meta: Anytime you can turn space with loving history into creative space YOU SHOULD! Ty would love it.

Judd is doing well in Afghanistan. Thanks to all who keep a good thought for our young folks who sally forth to tilt at the world’s real and dangerous windmills.

My mania for hens and chicks (not of the WFH poultry kind) is officially over the top. In the last month or so, I’ve planted well over a bazillion of them. Some in sand cast planters of my own construction, and the overflow into every pot we could scrounge.

I’m leaving August 1 for AZ. August in AZ. I know this makes many brown with envy. Jenni, our dil, is going to come too from CA. We’re gonna float in Seester Jul’s pool, eat peanuts, drink beer and founder on Mexican food. The ZSM is all atwitter at having the Holler to himself…I can’t wait to get back (Aug 13) to see why.

Mater-growing champ this season: Georgio of On the Rocks Garden, and Bed and Breakfast. Steve’s numbers always add up, so you can take this to the bank.

A bunny pooped on my chair out in the Gourdhead Glen in the pasture. I wanted to get a photo but the ZSM shook it off before I could. I love that a bunny jumped up on my chair, took his ease and left evidence. If that doesn’t scream “peaceable kingdom” I don’t know what does.

Peace to all from the Holler. Hungry Holler Art Center 1589 State Highway 20 Eucha, OK 74342 918 253-4554