I’m introverted. Pathologically so. Or nearly. Would do great glorious things if only I didn’t have to go Out There for meetings and advice and stuff.

I’m capriciously obsessive: my art, yes. Everything else, not so much.
I garden. Love animals with eyes wide open (MY eyes not their eyes). Went to war with raccoons, (one in particular) who invaded my studio. I suspect they now pee in the cat food bowls in retaliation.


Mirrors. I can’t get enough mirrors. I take tiny mosaic mirror pieces and some colored glass and create dazzling mirror sun catchers. They produce calming therapeutic dancing reflections. All concur: a person can sit for hours and watch the light show. Kind of a fish tank effect but you don’t have to feed anything or change the water. As beautiful as they are during the day, at night, they flash like paparazzi. Turn up your music and move. Or sit and have another refreshment.