American Visionary Art Museum: I AM AVAM

I went to Maryland to visit son, Judd. We went to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I about swooned before we even walked through the doors. They are My People. Exterior walls are covered in mirrors. The mirrored Universal Tree of Life by Bob Benson and Rick Ames sparkles outside. Inside, Andrew Logan’s mirror and stained glass Icarus turns slowly to rise and fall into a mirrored ocean. Bottle cap art is featured. Outsider art abounds.

Note: click on the blurry photos for clarity. It’s worth it.

Mirrored egg by Andrew Logan

Cosmic Galaxy Egg by Andrew Logan

Mirrored bus by Nancy Josephson

Laying a hug on the Gallery-A-Go-Go mirrored bus by Nancy Josephson

AVAM mirrored murals and tree

The beautiful mirrored exterior of the American Visionary Art Museum and the mirrored Universal Tree of Life












My own mirrored madness here: Sparkle



















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