Mosaic mirror sun catching art flash like paparazzi day and night.

Resulting reflections play against wall, ground, ceiling, calming as fish tanks. No feeding. No changing water, no keeping peace among species, no electricity required. Every season’s color reflected, every face multiplied. It’s righteous. Our sun catchers uplift spirit and space.

Mirrored Artwork For Indoor Or Out

Hungry Holler mirrored artwork is stout. Our shaped forms are mirror mosaic on steel, using UV-resistant adhesive. Our pieces are always two-sided. Our suncatchers hang on custom-made stainless steel zigzag hooks, and turn on ball-bearing swivels. Hang them where they’ll catch a breeze and day light, and night light–moon, star, ambient, traffic. Lovely dichotomy: an object so tough producing such transcendent and delicate pleasure. Most of our pieces feature beveled mirror components. Rainbows flash among dancing mirror reflections. Colors splash from colored mirror pieces.

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Catching Sunlight With Mirrors

Humans have long been besotted with reflection. Narcissus died for his own, and rare is the individual who finds a mirror resistible. Still waters were the first mirrors. Obsidian mirrors were used around 6,000 bc. More modern metal-coated glass mirrors date to the First Century AD. In modern times mirrors are major components in solar plants, high definition televisions and telescopes. They figure in egghead calculations about time travel. For further intellectual reflection, google Casimir Effect.

Mirror-clad skyscrapers are said to reflect sufficient heat to singe swimmers in a pool and melt their suntan lotion bottles. Even I know that’s too much mirror. Strategically placed mirrors signal news, and fool the brain into thinking an amputated hand remains at wrist’s end. Mirrors accurately measure the distance from Earth to moon within two inches. Nameless millions have melted crayons and plastic soldiers and more than a few ill-fated ants with mirrors held just so.

Mirrors figure in spooky tales and folklore. Who doesn’t know why Barnabas on Dark Shadows had no reflection in the mirror (hanging crookedly with a mike shadow falling across it). I loved that show. If that mirror falls and breaks, it’s seven years bad luck. Mirrors are beautiful as architectural art. Shahram Abbasi follows family tradition and creates fabulously precise mirror art. Check him out on flickr.

Mosaic mirror sun catchers build the spirit and don’t singe. They fool the brain. Sit where reflections fall and you’ll feel better no matter the hard-knock reality of life. They’re cheaper than therapy, and lots prettier.

Mosaic Mirror Sun Catching Art


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