Tell the Story: Artful Memorial Pet Urns

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Gourds have long served as reliquaries. I honor this tradition, and the lives of beloved companions with my custom memorial cremation urns. Two styles are available: An urn that sits.  Or a wall pocket urn.

Wall urns: Because the portrait is also box, you can store keepsakes–leashes, collars, small toys, photos, cremains–inside. These gourds are generally 8 inches across and 3 to 4 inches front to back. $225, not including shipping. Smaller gerbil, hamster, rat gourds, $150. A hole drilled in the back of the gourd facilitates easy hanging. Simply drive a small nail or screw into the wall, line up the hole with the nail and slide the gourd on. Turn around time for a wall pocket gourd urn is usually less than 30 days.

Gourd urns: Tell the story. Generally there’s room for four to six images of your pet around the gourd. Email me photos and stories and memories. Share me the details! I want to know if your pet had a crooked ear, a shortened tail, any endearing feature. Let me know colors you love and those you can’t abide. The gourd will be of sufficient size to contain cremains, a favorite toy, leash, collar.

As soon as I see your pet, my mind’s eye will focus and my hands will move. Give me time. Big gourds can take a month and usually more. Prices begin at $360 not including shipping. Contact me. We’ll work it all out.

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  • Reviews From Etsy

    Reviewed by cbpb

    Fabulous, fabulous, TEN star experience... way more fun than even the pictures can show. Ultimately chic and eternally pleasant! :o]

    Reviewed by Cathy

    My Hickory spoon is beautiful! It will be displayed for awhile before I can use it. I love to just look at the quality work and beautiful wood.

    Reviewed by julsjam

    Red, Green, Silver Mosaic 8" Mirror Star Suncatcher Christmas three hundred sixty five days a year! It's so sweet and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles! The box was packed and shipped in no time! Luv it! Great service!

    Reviewed by zabrnaz

    Thank you so much for my beautiful memorial urn! It's beauty and sentiment touches my heart every time I look at it. Your patience and dedication to every detail is greatly appreciated, as is your talent and passion for the beautiful artwork you create, which shines at every angle. Thank you and looking forward to ordering again in the future!!!

    Reviewed by anuckols

    The gourd turned out great and I have my Buddy's ashes in a nice place that is not depressing (like the urns you can get when your dog is cremated). Jan is very responsive and the images of my dog on the gourd bring back great memories. The whole process of sending images for the gourd made a very depressing loss much more bearable. Highly recommended.

    Reviewed by julsjam 

    I love it! I have wanted this piece for quite some time. . packed and shipped to perfection! Many Thanks!

    Reviewed by Christine Wilson

    Wonderful seller and unique artwork. I love these pins! Thanks so much!

    Reviewed by sneikirk3

    wow! it's amazing. My husband and I lit it right after I opened it. Our daughter will LOVE it! Thanks so much. And the natural coloring is perfect.

    Reviewed by Christine Wilson

    These are just wonderful, thank you so much. Talented artist and excellent customer service.

    Reviewed by julsjam

    What a wonderful piece of art! It's stunning and's a box! This piece is one of the finest gourds I have ever seen. Beautiful art and very thick walled! It should last for hundreds of years. I read about the artist; Jan Meng in a book titled; "Beyond the basics gourd art" by David Macfarlane. I have also seen her on T.V. and in galleries. I have collected gourd art for many years now. I must say she is at the top of her field and highly respected for her art! The piece was shipped at lighting speed and arrived in perfect condition! It was a pleasure dealing personally with Jan Meng! She kept me informed on every step of the shipment and it was packed to perfection. I must say I got a great deal on the piece! I have seen her work go for much more in the galleries. I will check etsy for more pieces. My fellow gourd art collecting friends are green with envy that I purchased a Jan Meng piece! I'm thrilled!

    Reviewed by eggshellmosaicgirl

    Thank you so much for your assistance in surprise delivery of my order. The mystery remains...for now. It's perfect. Your wonderful pins are out anonymously spreading good will in the universe! Thanks so much.