9′ peace sign on Highway 20, northeast OK. It used to be purple. Now it’s green.


You can see it from space. It took 170 feet of neon blue LED rope lights from Orange Tree Trade. The lights are not quite blue, not quite purple.

That’s Gentleman Art. He was at Woodstock. He knows all about peace signs and stuff round. He’s in Little Kansas, OK. If you’re looking for round, he’s got a square deal for you. Blue tape marks the spokes that stay.
GENTLEMAN ART AND TONY delivered the peace sign. Tony did a first-rate job removing the un-peace sign spokes. He even ground the raw spots. The universe was with us. The peace sign hung over the sides of their truck something 3-digit fineable, but no one official made waves, except the friendly kind.
That’s Evan Best up on the ladder that’s up on Jerry Toews’ truck. Evan’s an Eagle Scout. He knows knots. He believes in redundancy. The peace sign is up. For Good. I’m not really doing anything helpful.

Jerry Toews (foreground) and Evan Best haul the sign out for raising. 

Hungry Holler has had a lighted peace sign out front for years. Two hoola hoops wrapped with years of new light strings on top of burned out light strings. A January storm collapsed the peace sign.


So from then until now the Holler has been peace signless. At least out front. We wanted to go BIG this time. And we did. Gentleman Art in Little Kansas, OK has more inedible round stuff than roboppy has edible.


Peace and its symbols are wrought through collaboration. Thanks to Art and Tony for being generous good sports. They delivered in more ways than one. Thanks to Jerry’s Lawn Salon for again proving Grand Lake‘s premier lawn service crew provides concierge service, fulfilling most every request no matter how odd.


Bicycles race through branches and line up on limbs of the venerable elm tree. The peace sign hangs from a gravity defying cantilevered branch. None of it possible if not for the tree. True for much of life.