Time is an approximate thing at Hungry Holler

The day I realized I wore the same watch as my 85-year-old father lives in infamy. Infamy may be a little strong, but I try to use INFAMY, occasionally. Frivolously paraphrasing President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s powerful language informing the country of the attack on Pearl Harbor is in poor taste, but sometimes I’m that kind of chick.
The watch is a giant-faced Timex. It’s the Indiglo kind that glows in the dark when you press the stem. Not water proof nor water resistant. Just under 35 bucks at Kmart.
We wear the watch for the same reason: We can read it without glasses, day or night.  I’ve blogged about my never-ending search for my reading glasses, so you know how HUGE this is, literally and figuratively.
I jump from one frenzied detritus-producing project to another. Dirty Projects: gardening, gourd cleaning; Gritty Projects: concrete casting, sand shoveling; Wet Projects: mucking in the pond, watering every damn thirsty plant I’ve brought to the Holler and put in ground or pot when it’s still spring and rainy and I’m delirious with plant lust. 

I never take my watch off. NEVER. I’ve literally knocked dried concrete off it so I can read it, (and raise my arm). At night when I press the stem I can FEEL and HEAR the grit. I’ve read it while it was underwater as I moved rocks around the pond bottom. I’ve wiped paint off it, so I could read it. The black leather band has been spattered every color. You gotta play tough as an accessory in my world.
I can’t remember how long I’ve had my Timex. Several years. I don’t remember having to change the battery. I hope I didn’t jinx anything typing that. I wrote to Timex last year extolling the virtue of their fabulous watch. 
The only reason I got a new one–exactly the same as the first one–is because the watchband disentegrated. Our local Jay Walmart does NOT sell watchbands any more. WHERE do we go for watchbands? Siloam Springs. The associate actually said that.
Kmart in Bartlesville doesn’t carry watchbands either, but they had ONE of my watches. I bought the watch to have when the inevitable happens….and I have to wear it now because I still don’t have a watchband for the first one. I’m gonna cobble something together. It’s still ticking. We’ve been together way too long to let a watchband keep us apart.
What’s your Timex tale?