I’ve been on the road–the same dang road–frequently, this year. It’s a pretty drive through the northeast Oklahoma countryside, thought-provoking and admiration-inducing, too. Some stuff I see on that drive:

THE……what? There are two pillars about 10 feet apart. Nothing between them. Nothing hooked to them. No fence. No gate. Both painted white a long time ago. The one on the left: blank. The one on the right: someone, with a pretty steady hand, painted THE in pretty blue script. THE what? I’ve knocked on the door of the house behind the pillars and have never found anyone home. If I ever find out the why of THE, I’ll let you know.

This is the Savoy Hotel in Nowata, OK. Seester Juls and I have watch a bazillion old movies where they stomped at the Savoy, met at the Savoy, stayed at the Savoy. Had dinner and cocktails at the Savoy. Were entertained at the Savoy. Here a Savoy. There a Savoy. Everywhere a Savoy. Savoy is what you named a place if it was ritzy. Or you named it the Ritz. 
In 1916 The Nowata Savoy featured Radium Water Baths. I don’t know any spa offering radium baths these days. Probably because radium is treated as calcium by the body, deposited in bones, where radioactivity degrades marrow and can mutate bone cells. Click on the link for info that will curl your hair.

Chris and Amy’s Bowling Ball Art outside of Nowata is a tribute to love and the creative imperative. I drove past the discreet BOWLING BALL ART signs for years. Then one day I didn’t. Boy, am I glad. Now I’m spreading the Chris and Amy gospel. Click on the link for info that will uncurl your hair and make you glow but not in a radium way.