Reflections…the Groovy Kind – Hungry Holler Mirror Mosaic Sun Catchers


Rainbow Reflection on Pillar from Pride Triangle.

Light + movement = maximum sparkle and flash. It’s sweet realizing  your  grubby t-shirt is covered in rainbows and color because you’re in the right place at the right time. You’ll get the hang of hanging your mirror sun catchers in your favorite spot, ensuring you’ll be walking, sitting, standing in sunshine sparkle and glowing colors pretty regularly. Hungry Holler suncatchers keep you in touch with the sun’s journey across the sky and outta touch with consternation-evoking crap. At least for awhile. Click to check out our dazzling sun catchers.


Super Temporary tattoo from light reflecting off colored mirror bits

Ma’s super temporary mirror glass reflection tattoo.

It gives me comfort to see Ma covered in colors when she helps me sort mirrors. I’ve seen rainbows cross her cheeks. She’s not aware. Of much. But I am.


reflections on stone pillar from a Hungry Holler mirror sun catcher

Mirror and Stained Glass Mosaic Sun Catcher

Hang a Hungry Holler mirror sun catcher where it will catch sun and breeze and you’ll be rewarded at least twice to the millionth power. You get flash and sparkle and glowing colors directly, and reflections on walls, ceilings, trees, people…any object in the path of reflecting light. It’s a rush to experience and way easier to care for than a fish tank.


Suncatcher mirror and stained glass reflection

I was getting a box sized to ship a mirror and stained glass sun catcher. I placed the box beside the suncatcher. The light was just right and the sun catcher reflected beautiful patterns of color and light on the side of the box. Hungry Holler sun catchers are dazzling and therapeutic and lots cheaper than analysis. Peace.

Mirror sun catcher reflections on my cat

The same mirror sun catcher laying color and geometry on Goofy. Cats dig reflections.

Every sun catcher is a meticulously crafted patchwork of silver and richly-color mirrors and vibrant colored glass. Each is a one and only, shining its own way, reflecting its own self. Just like people.

See them move.

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