Rolaids were a constant at Hungry Holler Art Refuge. One of us was a daily consumer. A couple of years ago, I couldn’t get Rolaids at the Walmarts (as we call the behemoth around here). I’d ask an associate and was told Walmarts changed their something or other and Rolaids weren’t in the mix. I don’t understand retail stuff, so I would nod and get Tums there and Rolaids someplace else. Then all the someplace elses didn’t have Rolaids. WHAT HAPPENED TO ROLAIDS?

In December 2010, they were recalled. And not for the first time. NO place has Rolaids now. Twenty-some people complained of a musty odor to Rolaids. Some complained of foreign objects: wood and perhaps metal in Rolaids. We never heard a peep on this massive total recall, nor about any of the other times Rolaids have been recalled. Makes me suspicious. Not Pakistan-knew-where-Bin-Laden-was-roosting-comfortably suspicious, but sort of suspicious. No end in sight to the recall. I suggest Walmarts brand AR. The kind with ranitidine. I’m a true believer.


Rolaids were invented by American chemist Irvine W. Grote in the 1920s.

Rolaids were named for the original foil roll packaging.

Rolaids Softchews were test marketed in Oklahoma City in 1984.

Rolaids help neutralize the acidity of stomach digestive juices. Long-term use of such products make the stomach produce more hydrochloric acid, which makes you want to take more antacids which makes the stomach make more acid. It’s a terrible cycle. It makes my stomach hurt. I think about it every time I take an AR.