I had to stop myself from including more stuff that makes me swoon. Seeing it set down on paper (metaphorically) in black and white (ditto), it would appear I’m easily and regularly swoonified.

Compost. Good rich compost makes a gardener giddy. I mulch up leaves each fall and put them in the beds. I used to go over to Ma Haggard’s adjacent pasture and pick up cow pies for the beds. That’s not as much fun as it sounds. This year I decided to buy a load of compost. Now I have a pile of it in close proximity to my top soil pile. We have no soil (I quit saying dirt. Steve Owens former Oklahoma Gardening TV star and current proprietor with wife Ruth, of Bustani Plant Farm, successfully shamed me into saying SOIL) at the Holler. Try to drive a shovel into the ground and you get sparks. Rocks erupt from the ground. So we have raised beds. They need soil, so I have a pile of soil ever handy.

My sand pile is across the compound from the soil and compost piles. It takes a lot of sand to do sand-cast planters. I also use sand to top the planters once they’re planted. When something needs ballast, it’s hard to beat sand. And it’s fun to play in. For some kids, their visit to Hungry Holler is the first time they’ve played in a sand pile.