I’m prone to jumping whole hog into things. That makes me sound imprudent, but I’m not. This propensity has usually paid off. I fell in love at first sight almost 30 years ago. I’m older. Wiser. Still in love.
Black cherry tea box is a sedum treasure chest

Gourds. Bottle caps. Concrete. Gardening: All personal obsessions. When you’re driven, you figure out how to make your particular manias work. It takes time and pondering, and attempts that fail but don’t kill the ardor.

I am dang lucky to have enablers. My penchant for things gardening is stoked by several darling folks, among them Russell Studebaker World Famous Horticulturalist/Tulsa World garden writer. WFH is a fellow obsessive. His particular mania is plant collecting. Going to his quirky Tulsa home is a trip. He has plants absolutely EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating to make a point. I have never in my life seen so many different plants co-existing in a neighborhood lot that is taken up also by a house. And in WFH’s case: coops for chickens and pigeons, a sweet little greenhouse, and a pond. It’s astounding.

From time to time WFH sends me treats. I just got a tea box of sedum Angelina. It’s the most gorgeous-orangey green. I tucked it into sand-cast concrete planters I create because I’m obsessed with hens and chicks. Hens and chicks like to cozy up next to hardscape. I get to indulge my concrete mania, my devotion to upcycle/re-use stuff in art and my garden mania. Am I not a lucky duck?