Ugly Spoons by the Zen Spoonmaster

Not beautiful, maybe. But ugly? That’s what the Zen Spoonmaster has called them forever. And if they’re ugly, they’re ugly for a long time. You’ll cook with this spoon. Stir and scrape the pan with this spoon. Lick this spoon. Menace the deserving with this spoon. You’ll hand wash it. That’s it. The more you use the Ugly Spoon, the more beautiful it becomes. Your go-to favorite now and someone else’s in the future. 

The Zen Spoonmaster carved fabulously beautiful art wood spoons from fine exotic and domestic woods. They rest artfully any place, glowing like mellow jewels, then you pick one up and stir the sauce. Can’t do that with a deKooning.

Hungry Holler Wood Spoons Carved Only by the Zen Spoonmaster. Each spoon is one-of-a-kind and hand-carved by the Zen Spoonmaster of Hungry Holler Art Refuge.

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